turkey 2006 - the Camur expedition

We went tu Turkey, saw the eclipse (better then making pictures) and many other funny things... česky

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A perfect sight that is indeed for free!

The first intercontinetal underground service is being built under the Bosphorus.

The mosque of Suleyman the Magnificinet, the biggest one in Istanbul

Sailing from Europe to Asia from the Eminonu harbour.

A little hazy view of The Topkapi palace, Aya Sophia and even The Blue Mosque far to the left.

Back to Europe. City walls of Istanbul are double - between them you suprisingly find small fileds of local people.

At the southern end of the walls, there is a nice fortress.

No pictures from Ankara unfortunately, so we skip 1000 km to Kapadocia with all its rocky features. Close to Goreme. The table mountain in the distance looks tempting

Perfect pyramids on the same spot.

Goreme Open Air museum with the most important cave curches

A pyramid with a monastery in O-A museum.

Other part of the museum, there is Peter at the top of the rock.

Leaving the museum.

Astrophotography close to goreme.The Big Dipper and rocks lightened from the village.

Orion, Taurus and The Pleiades with the siloulethes of the pyramids.

One more Orion.

Close above the muzeum is a pretty group of rocks - we sleep by it.

Waking up with such a view!

Flowers groom with the Uchcisar rock in the background.

And so we camped...

The land is dry and dusty, but still there are 20-cm long turtles!

A big cave complex - unfortunately closed.

In a hidden canyon we found another systemes of caves.

Just another cave view.

A composition of two pictures shows a panorama of out beloved table mountain. We camped there several hours later.

Back to Guzelyurt, wehre I was last year with the dam a nd monastery ruins. See the 3300 m high snowy mountain in background. Very rainy weather for teh first time here.

The great Selime rock monastery - we luckily found a hidden way up to make this birds-view picture.

Me in the tunnel leading up with very steep stairs.

Once again in a better light.

Me and Peter downstairs in the monastery.

Up there we really were!

Seeking The Salt Desert we found only several sheeps, this shepard and a lot of mud ("Camur" in turkish)... we shall cam back in July to see the desert working...

Coming late in the evening to Konya we see the "supersight" Mevlana closed.

Bud it looks interesting anyway

Some kilometers north from Manavgat you find a waterfall. Many tourist, souvenirs and an entrance fee, but still nice.

Waterfall from a different view.

A little trip to mountain and the Koprulu canyon.

Other mountain there

"Kopru" means "the bridge" - this one is at the lower end of the canyon

Enetering the canyon - the mighty springs flow directly from the rocks to the river

A little cave there

Many little valleys around are not less impressive

950 m above the sea level in Selge, looking around on the strange landscape.

To observe the eclipse we go to Side at the coast. Here you can see the ruins just from your tent.

The Appolonius church an the shore. Here the eclipse festival took place.

A group of Czech observers we met there and Ivana.

The partial eclpise with a reflection of the city.

Dudenbasi waterfalls (from the inside) - probably artificial, but wonderful!

The same waterfall from far away, a nice jungle around.

Okay, once more from the side.

Larabasi Selasi, where the water from the previous waterfall falls to the sea. Maybe also artificial.

The same thing

Yet from the top, you see the water falling over the edge. A small boat in background.

Spice market in Istanbul on the way back home.

An Istanbul's farewell.

Timetable of turkish trains. Quit brief, isn't it?: